About Cricket Southern Bayside


Formed in 2016, Cricket Southern Bayside was created with the agreement of former VTCA Southern clubs wanting to adapt to sport's changing landscape. Whilst deeply respecting the traditions of our great game, Cricket Southern Bayside goes further than being just a hub for competition administration. Its purpose is to increase participation and improved retention of players, umpires and volunteers in the game of cricket in the region by putting them at the centre of everything we do, whilst providing a unified voice to local government to maintain the position of the game in the community.

Created with a vision of delivering something fresh and innovative, clubs were surveyed and clearly stated they were tired of the status quo. They wanted to thrive and be engaged. As a vital part of the cricket community they requested:

  • Streamlined and improved communication
  • Stronger, more agile governance
  • Appropriate competitions and formats
  • Flexible and fair fixturing
  • Clubs to be financially viable

As our way of life has changed, people and families are limited in the time that they can commit to organized sport. To address these challenges and the requests from the cricket community Cricket Southern Bayside is focused on delivering for men, women and children localized competitions and programs that will reduce travel times, access varying formats and promote improved social revenue through greater participation.


Men's Turf, Women's T20 and a National Indoor Cricket League team.

Board of Management

A list of current Directors can be found here

Cricket Southern Bayside is overseen by an independent board of directors, consisting of 6 elected directors and up to 3 appointed directors.

Elected directors are nominated and voted on by member clubs and serve rotating 3 year terms for a maximum of 3 consecutive periods. The board is then able to appoint on an annual basis 3 further directors based on skills and competencies.

The board operate under a constitution designed to follow the key principles of governance as advised by the Australian Sports Commission and aligned to the Consumer Affairs Victoria model rules for Incorporated Associations. The constitution was prepared by legal firm Lander & Rodgers and adopted by the founding member clubs at an Extraordinary General Meeting in 2016.

In support of the Cricket Southern Bayside vision, Cricket Victoria employ full time staff for the region with responsibility for entry level programs, competition development and operations.

The Head of Cricket Southern Bayside is employed by Cricket Victoria and reports to both the General Manager, Game and Market Development and the Cricket Southern Bayside Board.

Regional Cricket Managers, Cricket Development Officers and Coach and Talent Specialists are also employed by Cricket Victoria. Regional Cricket Managers and Cricket Development Officers manage entry level programs, focus on increasing participation, improving player retention and building the bridge between school and club programs. Coach and Talent Specialists deliver talent identification programs for players and coaches and the State Championship program.

Competition Advisory Groups

Cricket Southern Bayside clubs contribute to the governance of the region through specialised groups known as Competition Advisory Groups. These groups (or CAG's) review playing conditions of the relevant competition and make recommendations to the board to ratify before becoming part of the Pennant Rules. The board's role is to ensure consistency where appropriate across the competitions, and that an action in one area does not adversely effect another.

Clubs have the opportunity to submit to the CAG's proposed rule changes or new rules by April 30th each year.

Cricket Southern Bayside currently (2017/18) operate a Men's Turf Competition Advisory Group, and a Women's Competition Advisory Group.